Neoceram is the market leader in the development and manufacturing of ceramic precision dosage solutions (pumps, valves and filling systems) for the optimisation of fluid treatment in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food applications. They have more than 20 years expertise in sterile applications and are ISO 9001 qualified since 1998. Neoceram combine high-tech ceramics, engineering and advanced machining to provide tailored solutions developed with and for their customers to improve their dosage performance.

Neoceram proprietary high purity ceramics Pharmalox® and Pharmazirc® have been specially developed in order to resist the most demanding applications in the pharmaceutical production.

Neoceram adapt their ceramic design to your specific application and pumps are tailor made in order to provide the best solution to your production process. Everything is made in house by Neoceram. In this way, they are able to guarantee the best possible end results and provide full traceability.

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