BSG Products

BSG Products

We have lot of specialties but there are few of our In house designed parts and equipment that makes us unique in the Pharmaceutical & Food Industry:

Microdosing Unit

General introduction

A complete dosing station for stand-alone use or integration into a fully automatic filler that can use by robot as well.It has high accuracy. It has a range covered from 0.01 to 8.5ml (extended on option). It has a very compact – and Small foot print. It’s easy to integrate in sterile environment. It has a compitent 100% Pharmaceutical design (laminar flow and cleanroom-friendly stainless steel housing). It has a Mechanical driving system and control box fully designed around the Easy-fitting + Naked concepts. It has a high quality of dosing even with difficult products. It has Easy cleaning provisions as well.

This product is dynamic and used in the industry, widely.

You get fast delivery with completely hassle-free process. We take every pain to see that satisfaction on your face. All our products are top notch and undergo many quality tests. A specific Naked pump with Easy-fitting. The pump design includes Ceramic piston with built-in machine connection.Naked cylinder consists of ONE piece ONE material. It has sloped nozzles for bubble self draining and easy recognition of the inlet and outlet. It consists of Teflon tube fittings without nut/clamp possesing Full ceramic piston with removable plug for an easy passthrough cleaning

A specific Naked® pump with Easy-fitting ® (This product is a Neoceram patent )


Handle for fast and smart assembling/disassembling. A specifically designed handle facilitates an aseptic plug-in pump mounting:

  • No direct contact between pump and operator
  • Naked® cylinder: ONE piece ONE material
  • Zero backlash connections
  • No tools, screws or fixing components needed to assemble/disassemble the pump on the machine
  • Very reduced set up time and risk of contamination
  • No free parts that can be loosed or fall down in the isolator
Micro Filling Merge Unit
Micro Filling Single Unit
Micro Filling Unit Automation

BSG Driving system

The principle

The driving system uses 2 separate motors for piston distributing and dosing functions. The dosing function is ensured by a true linear motion equipped with ball scews. As a result, real control of the piston stroke for the dose ejection which results in no interference between distributing and dosing functions. It completes a set of parameters available for each movement.

Isostatic connections

The pump driving is done through a real isostatic appartus. The Easy-Fitting pump fixation ensures a complete blocking of the pump with no backlash.The isostatic connection is done thanks to a joint using rolling needles. The rolling parts guarantee a stress free connection with very low resistive torque (long life of the pump and no particle release).Joints with rolling parts compared to conventional friction joints keep reduced backlash for longer time.

The overall size

W : 65mm (pitch when multichannel)

L : 280/300mm (depending on motor type)

l : 230/250mm (depending on motor type)

H : 440mm in zero position

480mm in full stroke

Hygienic design

The machine has been designed to meet the most demanding applications such as insulators.The construction is fully airtight and the main materials used are 316L stainless steel, Teflon, PEEK and Silicone.

The motion control

The driving program allows to keep in hand all required parameters, for each movement: acceleration, top speed and deceleration. The required stroke is calculated from simple data like pump sizes and volume. All parameters are in standard unit, no need to make conversion. Easy extrapolation for use on another machine. The volume adjustment is done by simple weight information and density of the product.The two-ways exchange with the central HMI allows the customer to manage by himself the storage to and update of all data (for the homogeneous management of recipes, batch reports and 21CFR P11).

The Electrical components

  • Oriental motors (Japan) steppers with absolute coders
  • ASEM (Italy) PLC using Codesys code compatible with EtherCAT solutions.

The following can be implemented as an option:

  • Beckhoff Drives
  • Beckhoff PLC
  • HBM load sensor to detect pumps blocking

Please note : Easy fitting and Naked Pumps are products of NEROCERAM.

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