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    Superior Quality & Results
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    End-To-End Solutions

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    Le marché international est très important pour l’industrie pharmaceutique et alimentaire. Cela permet à de nombreuses nouvelles entreprises et start-ups d’entrer dans ces industries. La qualité et les normes de ces industries ne cessent de s’améliorer et d’évoluer.

    BSG étant une collaboration entre le Japon et la France, c’est une alliance comme aucune autre. Le Japon est connu pour être un pays avec beaucoup de percées technologiques et d’avancées, cette alliance avec la France ouvre de nombreuses portes sur le marché européen.

    Le Japon est connu pour être de l’innovation technologique, ce qui en fait le meilleur moyen de créer des solutions qui sont à des niveaux optimaux. De nombreux pays à travers le monde qui sont au stade de sous-développement ont besoin de plus de soutien pharmaceutique que les pays développés.

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    Our Company keeps putting its efforts in continuously coming up with products and solutions that creates convenience and ease of use.Our vision is to help the pharma industry with all the packaging solutions required.We provide end to end solutions and quality is of utmost importance for us. Our processes to make the products are environmental friendly and we believe in on-time delivery.To get the best quality products and services at very economical prices, get in touch today.

    NEOCERAM: (Filling Systems)

    We offer Ceramic precision dosage solutions (pumps, valves and filling systems) for the optimization of fluid treatment in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food applications.


    Our non-destructive leak detection equipment can test all items that are MAP (and vacuum) packed or have airtight seals. Oxipack offers a non-destructive solution for all problems relating to leaks in packaging.



    Their nebulisation technology ensures a uniform and reproducible distribution of the H2O2 throughout the whole room. Thanks to their design of the spray nozzle, the precision of the biocide

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    We believe in on-time delivery. We understand the importance of timely delivery and its positive impact on the production process.

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    We use the most modern techniques and latest technologies for our production. Incorporation of smart technology turns the result flawless.

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    BSG has a team of professional and hardworking team mates who make sure that the products are quality and durable.

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    Our process is easy and hassle-free. Our products are economical and we believe in offering competitive prices to support the fraternity.

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